We put website name as “Allgyan” because we will deliver information in both Hindi and English language. This is the reason, we use “all” in English and “gyan” in Hindi.

Allgyan is a blog formed to provide the new updates whatever is happening in worldwide. Here, we want our readers to be aware of everything that needs to be informed. This blog tells what is the reality inside the story. It provides useful and helpful contents to create awareness.

We will mainly focus on new updates related to national and international issues, technology, education, fashion, entertainment, Film industry, travel, health, and sports. We offer articles with attractive content, pictures, and videos.

People are confused about the novice technology. So, Allgyan website delivers you the best resources in order to help you to find which is the best brand for you.

I am founder of Allgyan’. I am a writer and I have a keen interest in current affairs as well as I like to discuss and argue on the social and political issues. Well, I am a big chess lover. I like traveling and listening to music. Also, I like reading books and collecting new things. I am a very motivated person and want to do something big in my life and Undoubtedly, I am very confident about it. It’s my philosophy that “People die but thought never dies”. Also, this is the slogan of Allgyan. I am very happy that I am the part of Allgyan. I will definitely try to deliver the useful contents and fact news to you.

My Email id is avanindrar0@gmail.com

We will strive to cover all the facts and give entertainment doses. We will provide helpful contents which will create awareness. We follow the slogan i.e. “People die but thought never dies”.

We also have youtube channel so you can check that as well.

our youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTXZlohkGcSPiRwsJyqhYg/

our 1 st venture is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HceeOdhaY3o

we will soon reach to more than 1 lakh viewers.

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