Foods that Cause Obesity

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Now, the problem of Obesity seems in most of the people. The growth rate of obesity is in hike and owing to this problem, some issues like heart diseases, joint pain, and diabetes are found in maximum obese population. People are trying to figure out the solution for Obesity but rare people get come out from the problem. If you check the ratio of people who are suffering from obesity then you will be shocked after knowing the reports. Even, Most Indian citizens are suffering from diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity etc. Obesity is becoming a big issue for everyone with each passing days. There are many reasons of causes of obesity that I will discuss later in this article. Not only senior citizens but also teenagers and youngsters are becoming obese. After China, India is in the second highest obese list in the world.

Definition of Obesity


Obesity is a disease where excessive body fat that causes health related problems.

Foods that Cause Obesity

1) Junk Foods

Now a days, it is a trend to eat junk foods. And, people are inclined towards such kind of junk foods just to satisfy their taste buds. But they do not know the consequences they will face in the future from the consistency of these types of habits.

2) Fatty Meats

By reading the name, you can realize that this create fatness in human being. For some food items, if in case, people consume a lot then it can be danger for them. Food items include New York Strip Steak, Beef Ribeye, Delmonico Steak, Pork Ribs and Chicken Thigh etc are fatty meats which create the problem of obesity. If people really want to eat mean then they should consume roasted meat to overcome from the obesity problem and also they can able to satisfy their taste buds.

3) Butter

Consuming butter in large quantities results in increased cholesterol levels. It also makes your skin prone to getting oily, which in turn makes it more likely you will get acne on your face.

4) Fried Food

Eating a fried food is the major bad habit. And we all know that it not only create a problem of obesity but it also increase the cholesterol level which can increase the risk of heart attack.

5) Trans Fat

Trans fat is a kind of unsaturated fat and it is also known as trans fatty acids or trans-unsaturated fatty acids. It is mainly found in items of frozen food, processed food, and ready-to-eat food. Trans fat creates horrible condition in human body so this is not a good form of fat.

6) Coffee with Cream or Added Sugar

Avoid having coffee with extra cream and sugar. It might taste blissful, but it is not good for you. It will lead to consumption of excess calories and contribute to weight gain.


7) Prepared Fruit Juices

If you are thinking about prepared fruit juices then don’t go for it. People are becoming lethargic and some people are so busy in their hectic schedule. This is the reason; they do not have time to make fruit juices. So they drink prepared fruit juices which are bad for their health because it contains large amount of preservatives, excess sugar, artificial colors and harmful chemicals.

8) Sugar Intake

People should stop taking huge quantity of sugary items as this is the worst to consume more sugar intake. Sugar intake should be not more than 10%. You should check the daily dose of sugar intake to maintain your weight.

9) Chocolate

In this case, if you consume more chocolate in a day is definitely harmful for your health. As all we know that chocolate includes huge quantity of sweeteners, preservatives and additives. The habit of consuming too much chocolate is bad for health which makes you obese.

10) Soda Pop

This is the main cause of obesity problem. Many people are fond of drinking soda pop which is certainly not good for human being’s health. Many of us are so inclined towards ready meals which are you can say is not a good habit. You might not believe but this is true that consuming of soda pop result in illness. It includes modified corn syrup.

11) Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

This item is the major disaster item which result in over weight. People are now very fascinated about soft drinks and sugary drinks. We know that it includes high amount of sugar but still people are consuming this kind of beverages just to please their taste buds without realizing the consequences of taking beverages.

There are other many food items that cause obesity but the foods which mentioned above are having a greater influence on the causes of obesity problem.


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