See how Celebrities look Now.


We all know that beauty never remains. It changes with time! Similarly, appearance also changes with time. Bollywood is the only industry where celebrities need to update themselves in fashion and have to keep checking on their looks. But it is a big reality that appearance never stays same. With ages, we have to accept the changes. I know everyone wants to remain equivalent to young and beautiful. Each of us wants appealing and alluring personality. Especially in Bollywood industry, actresses have to stay gorgeous and want their look to be attractive. However, sadly, that is not feasible. Basically, no one can run away from getting old. Yes, that is true. And same fundamental applies to Bollywood celebrities as they are not dissimilar to us. Truth is that when we saw old pictures which were clicked a couple of years back then only we realize that we are becoming aged.

Bollywood Industry not only represents Bollywood movies. Actors looks and fashion are also promoted in Bollywood Industry. We can not deny the fact that looks of Bollywood stars are extremely important to attract and increase the fan followings. In simple words, it is all about looks which matter.

Bollywood actors are running in a rat race. various Indian movie stars have been in the Bollywood Industry since so long. But the fact is their appearance do not match with their old personality. This means that the looks have changed over time. So they have to focus on their appearance in order to look outstanding. For survival, it is a requirement for each Bollywood actors to frequently workout in order to maintain their physique. Also, they have to do something to look attractive.

I would like to show you how the looks of these Bollywood actors change over the years.

Showing the pictures of Then vs Now


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