Managerial Communication Question Answer 2021


the glossary is the list of

technical terms used in the report


social media audiences differ from those of traditional media because

none of these


which of these reports involves the checking of a piece of equipment


a presenter can reach to large or specific group of viewers of remote locations through



conflict is

all of these


using communication skills effectively will help you to

all of these


What is the term for the set of behaviours and tasks member of the group is expected because he or she is a member of the group

Group roles


In presentation the ideas can be presented in the order



In a group discussion we should be

  1. Assertive
  2. Dominatic
  3. Subjective
  4. Callous



Formal reports are not classified into







Reports include breakdown of machinery







A letter of application email message ideally should be addressed to


A specific individual

The hr department

Whom it may concern

The company



Unsolicited email advertising is known as



Junk ads


None of these



Which of these should be avoided in pre listening analysis


Mental disciplines







A __ report must contain rational information









As the definition of social media develops, what is one underlying element


The intersection btwn technology, social interaction and sharing information

Microsoft is the primary developer

Use of the various elements is free

All of the above




In which of these does the listener pick up special features of the speech


Listening in conversational interaction

Listening to structured talks


Team listening




Which of the following will most likely be emphasized by an instrumental communicators



Message content

Body language





Use narrative style of presentation with anecdotes if the


Group is small and informal

Group is small and formal

Group is big ang knowledgeable

Group is large and informal




The following room create for dealing with touch violation

assuming the first touch violation is accidental


Including complete information about your references on a resume

Is optional, since a list of references can typically be provided after a successful interview


Which statement is correct in case of presentation

Synchronise your speech and visuals


Rohan is sending a resume 2 and Advertising

I would appreciate an opportunity


If you are Speaking with someone has a hearing impairment what should you do

Make sure you face them when you are talking


Definition of social media develops what is one underlined element

The interaction between Technology social interaction and sharing information


In block text format you do not ___ each paragraph



The most important reason for teens to utilise agenda and minutes is that

Participants know what is expected of them and can track


According to berne we cannot directly ego States but we can observe

Life position


A good business letter is simple and Straightforward without being



Which of these are vital for any organisation

Group discussions


The following are valid conclusions based on research gestures and cultures

Illustrators come naturally two individuals from all cultures


Form letters are also known as

Persuasive sales letters


Which of the following is not one of the reasons frequently

Assuming that others use similar reasonings processes


Which of these is not mentioned in progress report

Right choice of instruments


Achieving good cross cultural relations is hampered peoples perception



Dash is an extra item offered to the consumer usually in exchange for some proof



Which of the following is not one of the reason that language frequently causes miscommunication during international business situations

Meanings conveyed through body language


Which of these types of listening is followed by skill release Ness

Evaluative listening


Which of these is not a quality of good debator

Interrupting their opponent’s speech


Which of these should the listener be able to make connections between different segments

Listening to structured talks


Which of the following most likely to be emphasized by an instrumental communication



The central appeal in a persuasive letter

All of these


The minutes books are the ___ book of the company



It is this strategy of winning against other party

Win-Win approach of negotiation


What is the last rule of thumb when creating an effective presentation

Minimise text on slides


What needs to be complete in order to have effective communication

Both sending and receiving of the message


Using your whole body to communicate is called what

Body language


Stories can be used by Business leaders

All of these


This is the most complex type of transaction



The following is a chatbot platform



What is the term for the set of behaviours and task number of the group is expected phone because he or she is a member of the group

Group roles


The following is the best tool to communicate new information about the organisation whether it is about product or services



Social media audiences differ from those traditional media

Traditional media audiences consume material created for them


Why should you keep text to a minimum on slides

Show the focus is on you as the speaker


What is meant by voting by poll

Where each shareholder or their proxies present at the meeting


A resume summarises information related to job’s requirements the application letter

Interpret the resume in terms of employer benefits


Guidelines for effective meetings include

Limiting length and frequency


Good business letters are characterized by following personal quality of the writer



When speaking on the phone what type of communication is being used

Verbal and tone of voice


What is the following linguistic characteristics also apply to nonverbal communication

None of these


Report provides rational findings



What percentage of shareholders is needed to pass special resolution

Not less than 75%


___ refers to the repeating sequences of transactions that leads to a result subconsciously


ans- Game analysis


Which of these is not a part of a report

Gender report writer


The correct use of open body language in a restaurant includes

Open gestures towards sitting and menu items


When companies try to create viral videos aur make grassroots blogs the practice is called



__ is authentic direct reality-based fact seeking and problem solving

Adult Ego state


One of the best ways to show customers you are listening is

Appropriate eye contact


It is formal and impersonal

Report writing


Social media platform has maximum users



The time frame for the desired impact that the covering letter must meet is

Less than 1 minute


————The concept of “urban legends” (a story that appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously in various forms and is usually false posted on the Internet) and Internet scams are a real problem for some businesses. Gerber Baby Foods was flooded with 1 million letters and 80,000 phone calls from parents responding to an e-mail about a phony class-action lawsuit. Another urban legend about Costa Rican flesh-eating bacteria that affected banana shipments cost that industry more than $30 million. Procter & Gamble had to deal with claims that its Febreeze product contained Agent Orange, a dangerous chemical. Many companies choose to ignore these myths created by angry customers or rabble-rousers, but experts believe this is the worst possible action to take. Companies should instead do everything possible to reassure its customers.


-Refer to Urban Legends. __, or personality-, psychology-, and experience-based differences, determine how consumers respond to Internet scams.

ans- Perceptual filters


-Refer to Urban Legends. Top managers who encouraged subordinates to do everything in their power to assure customers that Internet myths about their companies were false engaged in __.

ans- downward communication


-Email users who received  the e-mail about P&G Febreeze would have used —— to understand



-The angry P&G consumer who started the rumor about Febreeze would have used __ to create the initial e-mail message.

Ans- encoding


-Refer to Urban Legends. Many urban legends are transmitted through the Internet, which could be described as a(n) __.

ans- communication medium



-“script” in transactional analysis is developed during

ans- early childhood


-information and analytical reports are

ans- transformational


-annual reports of all public and private companies must have

ans- CSR


-Which of these is not a deterrent to the listening process?

ans- confidence


-_______ Report provides rational findings

ans-Interpretative reports/recommendation


-Automated mailing list administrators that allow for easy subscription, subscription cancellation, and sending of e-mails to subscribers on the list are called

ans- Listservs.


-What should never be discussed on social media?

  1. (Workplace politics
  2. Clients in the facility
  3. How you feel about management
  4. How much you dislike your job)

ans-  All of the above


-____ is a monitor of a group discussion.

ans- A moderator


-in which of these the listener puts himself in place of the speaker

ans- empathatic


-Which of these qualities are important in a group discussion?

ans-Emotional stability


-The conclusion or ending paragraph should bring the communication to a polite and _____ close



-If you assume that every member of a society or subculture has the same characteristics or traits, you are guilty of ________.



-A well organised talk is a ____ talk



-Who makes sure the meeting is functioning correctly?



-In social media, what type of marketing has become important for advertisers?

ans- Word-of-mouth, or buzz marketing.


-you can set the list of dos and don’ts by using



-_______ was one of the first uses of the Internet and is still the most popular use, accounting for most of the traffic on the Internet.

ans- E-Mail.


-Which of these is not a type of listening?

Explanation: Listening can be of six types- superficial listening, appreciative listening, focused listening, evaluative listening, attentive listening and empathetic listening.




-Which of these are vital for any organisation?

ans-Group discussions


-Your relationship partner is under a lot of stress lately, and his/her outbursts of anger are beginning to trouble you greatly. Which of the following are ways to manage the anger of your partner?

ans- all of the above.

(a. validate your partner

  1. be asymmetrical
  2. probe
  3. all of the above)


-As the definition of social media develops, what is one underlying element?

ans- The intersection between technology, social interaction, and sharing information


-To communicate competently with nonverbal communication

ans- all of the above.

( a. observe multiple nonverbal cues before drawing any conclusions about a person’s communication

  1. try to match nonverbal and verbal communication to avoid mixed messages
  2. monitor your own nonverbal communication
  3. all of the above)


-An employer is likely to interpret a writing style or punctuation error on your résumé or letter of application as an indication that

ans- all of above

(- You pay little attention to detail and do your work hastily

– You have shortcomings in basic education

– You lack pride and respect)


-when working to create and maintain a favorable relationship with a receiver a sender should

ans-positive wording


-What is the last Rule of Thumb when creating an effective presentation?

ans-Keep it simple


-___ was one of the most visited websites in India and Brazil in 2008



-it is the strategy to winning against other party

ans- win-win negotiation


-using communication skills effectively will help you

ans- all of above


-____ refers to give some recognition to others

ans- stroking


-The terms of reference for producing a specific report are given by the:



-what percentage of shareholders is needed to pass special resolution

ans-atleast 75%


-the formal greeting with which a business letter is called



-Nonverbal and verbal communication are interconnected in which of the following ways?

ans- all of the above.


-stories can be used by business leaders

ans- all of above


-how can a person correctly communicate

ans- all of above


-The central appeal in a persuasive letter

ans-emphasizes on how the reader will benefit from the request


-Including complete information about your references on a resume…

ans- Is optional, since a list of references can typically be provided after a successful interview


(A)-analysis of self awareness is primary concern of transactional analysis

(R)-according to self awareness self can be described in terms of image which includes both concious and unconcious

ans- both a and r is true and r is the correct explanation of a


-Which of these reports is written before starting a new project?

ans-Feasibility report


-Blogs or weblogs are

ans- Web pages of short, frequently updated postings by an individual that are arranged chronologically..


-Which of these reports provide information without any evaluation?

ans- Informational


-What are the two parts to communication?

and- When someone says something, and the other person has understood


-highlight your qualities

ans- job application


-Verbal communication refers

ans- when someone is talking and other is listening


-which of the given statement is true about ego states

ans- all of above


-the résumé summarizes information refers to a jobs requirements, application letter is

ans- interprets an employer in terms of benifits


Check if you have stressed this in the covering letter

Select one:

  1. knowledge and skills over degress and qualications <<
  2. Degrees and qualications over knowledge and skills
  3. Qualications over Skills
  4. Degrees over skills



You and your partner have had a heated disagreement. Emotions are raw, and feelings have been hurt. You approach your partner after a

brief silence: “I’m sorry I attacked you like that. I got angry and said things I didn’t mean.” This is an example of the collaborating tactic called

Select one:

  1. Expanding the pie
  2. Confrontation
  3. Smoothing <<
  4. Integration


Which of the following is a tactic of avoiding conict?

Select one:

  1. Stonewalling <<
  2. Autonomy
  3. Competing
  4. Compromising


Which of these is not used to organise a seminar?

Select one:

  1. Exchange of ideas
  2. Recommendations <<
  3. Oral reports
  4. Written reports


Posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact are examples of ________.

Select one:

  1. Paralanguage
  2. Oculesics
  3. Kinesic behavior <<
  4. Proxemics


Which of following is not one of the suggested techniques for overcoming cross-cultural communication barriers?

Select one:

  1. Observe culture dierences and etiquette
  2. Be alert to cultural dierences in customs and behavior
  3. Use commonly accepted business jargons <<
  4. Listen for understanding. Not agreement


A sure sign of ethnocentrism in a business deal would be which of the following assumptions by an American banker?

Select one:

  1. Japanese products usually have equal or better quality than American products.
  2. Foreign currency trading can be a good investment even if you do not buy the U.S. Dollar.
  3. The U.S. Dollar is the best most stable currency in the world and any other currency carries a higher risk. <<
  4. The euro dollar currency has an equal likelihood of returning a reasonable rate depending on market conditions, just as the U.S.



Members of a society who value ____________are more concerned with their careers than with the good of the rm.

Select one:

  1. Formality
  2. Informality
  3. Individualism <<
  4. Collectivism


Decisions passed by shareholders are known as:

Select one:

  1. Articles
  2. Memorandums
  3. Resolutions <<
  4. Provisions


Information in the ………. should be organized.

Select one:

  1. Notices
  2. Presentation <<
  3. Memo
  4. Circular


_________ is done by drawing a list of the items of business to be transacted at the meeting.

Select one:

  1. Invitation
  2. Agenda <<
  3. Minutes
  4. Resolution


What can happen when employees are NOT involved in decision-making during a meeting?

Select one:

  1. Most employees have little interest in being part of a decision in meetings.
  2. The employee will perform as expected regardless of whether he/she was involved in the process.
  3. The employee is less likely to follow-up on tasks. <<
  4. The employee is more likely to follow-up on tasks.


Curriculum vitae is a ____ word.

Select one:

  1. Indian
  2. German
  3. Latin <<
  4. French


The lack of pitch variation and unpromosing body language makes ….

Select one:

  1. Cool zone speaker
  2. Hot zone speaker
  3. Dull zone speaker <<
  4. Boring zone speaker


Which of the following is not one of the seven dimensions of cultural values that help us understand how cultures dier from each other?

Select one:

  1. Materialism versus concern for others
  2. Internal locus versus external locus <<
  3. High-context versus low-context
  4. Formality versus informality


Groups which are formed as the consequence of organisational structure and work division are known as:

Select one:

  1. Informal groups
  2. Operational groups
  3. formal groups <<
  4. Target groups


Which of these letters are in response to an advertisement?

Select one:

  1. Letters of enquiry
  2. Solicited letters <<
  3. Letters of complaint
  4. Unsolicited letters


When is the worst time to break into a discussion?

Select one:

  1. When one person is talking
  2. When there is less time left
  3. When two or three people are talking simultaneously <<
  4. When everyone is silent


Where is the name and address mentioned in a Job- Description CV?

Select one:

  1. Top left corner <<
  2. Top right corner
  3. Bottom right corner
  4. Bottom left corner


Which of the following is not an easy to read font?

Select one:

  1. Times New Roman
  2. Calibri
  3. Arial
  4. Sego Script <<


In a group discussion, the discussion must be directed to its ___________

Select one:

  1. Opponents
  2. Competitors
  3. Final conclusion
  4. Logical conclusion <<


Which of these must not be mentioned in your CV?

Select one:

  1. How you helped your previous employer
  2. Special recognitions
  3. Salary you are looking for <<
  4. Out of turn promotions


Which of these is not an ingredient of the speech process?

Select one:

  1. Audience
  2. Feedback
  3. Message
  4. Reading comprehension <<


___________ is the compliant part of the personality that conforms to the wishes and demands of parental gures.

Select one:

  1. Critical parent
  2. Antideterministic
  3. Adaptive child <<
  4. Redecision school


To whom should a presentation be aimed?

Select one:

  1. The highest authority in the room, regardless of where they are
  2. The people in the closest rows
  3. Your best friend in the room
  4. The entire audience <<


Synchronising your speech with …………. is crucial in presentation.

Select one:

  1. Notes
  2. Visual aids <<
  3. Gestures
  4. Actions


In Johari window, ________ is known to others and self; whereas, ________ is unknown to self but known to others.

Select one:

  1. Hidden; unknown
  2. Blind; open
  3. Open; blind <<
  4. Open; unknown


When presenting, your pose should be:

Select one:

  1. Condent and relaxed <<
  2. Shy
  3. Nervous and angry
  4. Annoyed


___________ is an ego state, producing an unexpected response

Select one:

  1. Ulterior transaction
  2. Crossed transaction <<
  3. Angular transaction
  4. Parallel transaction


Negotiating the price of a car, you are probably using a ________ bargaining strategy.

Select one:

  1. Simulated
  2. Distributive <<
  3. Closed
  4. Open


the ____ of business letter is called layout

all of these


A __ written by feeling in a blank form



The considerable variation between Americans and Chinese in the use of silence is an impact of



Cross training cultural training program might include which of the following

All of these


Classifying content in social media happens through an activity such as



Which of these is not a type of text for reading?

Reference material


Body of the letter is divided into

Three parts


Which of the following is not true about monochronic cultures

People change plan frequently


In third party negotiations a third-party with authority to dictate and agreement is known as



The following is the best tool to communicate new information about the organisation



In Win-Win approach it is __ versus __ that brings the two sides to a healthy dialogue



Refers to giving some recognition to others



It discusses in a small group or original Research



Which of the following is suggested way of improving cross Cultural Relation



Key barrier to good relation is



In an office and employee communicates horizontally with his



Why is an agenda important

And shows important topics are covered


When speaking on the phone you need to ensure that you do not

Breach confidentiality


Combination of assumption about oneself and another person is called

Ans- Life positions


Eric Berne developed

Ans- The concept and paradigms of transactional analysis in the late 1950s


___ refers to the repeating sequences of transactions that leads to a result subconsciously

ans- Game analysis


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