10 factors that Causes of Obesity


Overview of Obesity

Causes of obesity are hazardous for anyone’s health. Owing to bad habits of eating, the growth of obesity problem is increasing with each passing days. Even, it will be surprising for you that causes of obesity in children is more found in comparison to other group of people.  As the reason might be over consuming of junk foods, sugary items, soft drinks.

Now a days, children are more inclined to take the fat items to satiate the taste buds. According to the reports, there are number of people who are suffering from obesity problem not only in India but also in other countries.

In this article, you will find the leading causes of obesity. Not only children but teenagers are also fascinated of foods that cause obesity. Most of the people know the effects of obesity problem but still they avoid these kinds of habits as they have become habitual of food items that lead to make them obese.

People are becoming more and more fatter and they know that this will make them in worst condition but still they are just ignoring these. We all know that children are vulnerable; they should be cared by elders. Elders and their parents should check what their children are actually eating.

Junk Food

As I have already discussed related to food causes obesity that people are consuming. And yes, the intakes of junk food on regular basis are not good for health. And this makes the major cause of obesity problem which is finding in many children. People are eating anything without considering the adverse effects that they might face in the future. Everyone knows that the junk food includes too much calories, unhealthy oil, and unhealthy materials. But still, people are consuming without thinking once. They are more inclined towards ready meals, this might be the reason to consume junk food.

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No awarenesse about Nutrition

Majority of people have no knowledge of nutrition so they eat whatever they find attractive by look or by taste. They select food according to taste without awareness about nutrition. Young people and Children are more fascinated about unhealthy fat foods. First, they should understand about the basic of the nutrition.


Obesity is a major issue for everyone who is facing such problem. But no one should deny that they are the only one who is making this adverse condition.

Genetic is not the fault of people who are having a good food schedule. This can be possible that the problem of obesity happened in anyone’s life because of genetic issue.

It is true and it is literally happened in many cases that children become obese whose parents are obese. It’s because of genetic issue. But it happened not in every case. Children and their parents take care of their eating habits that would not make them obese. I would suggest that whatever you are eating should be taken care of since it would be better to eat well instead of consuming bad and fat items and become obese.

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It is true that excessive consumption of sugar is also the cause of obesity. People are taking sugary products as well as junk foods also contain few percentage of sugar. Intake of sugar gives energy which will turn into fat later and people become obese.


Today, the major issue of obesity is caused due to lifestyle. Seriously, children as well as teenagers are becoming so inactive since many reasons i.e. their academic field pressure, career pressure, lots of other pressures in their life makes them away from outdoor activities. Mainly, childhood is the time where kids enjoy playing games and doing more physical activities. But now, children invest more time in front of TV and dedicate their maximum time in playing online games and surfing internet these days. These kinds of activities make them into obese.

Food Addiction

People especially children are extremely addicted of junk foods. Addiction is very bad for health. If addiction created then it might be difficult for people to overcome from addiction as well as it might be difficult for them to decide what they are taking. For illustration, those people who are addicted to drugs are difficult to get rid from drugs. Similarly, the taste buds satisfaction created in the human’s mind by consuming unhealthy or junk foods encourage them to eat more. Their addiction level increases. It become uncontrollable for them to not to eat unhealthy or junk foods.

Lack of Activities

People are not conscious about fitness freak. People are running in a rat race so they have no time these days to do exercise which make them obese. The prime reason of causing of obesity is lack of activities. They are too busy in completing the school and academic work and investing their maximum time in professional work in office. And if they do have time then they like to dedicate their effort in mobile or playing online games rather than going outside and do outdoor activities which overcome the effect of obesity problem.

Eating Routines

People are becoming habitual of eating unhealthy foods now. The primary cause of obesity effect in the body is because of bad eating practice. Unhealthy eating habit is mainly finding in Indian citizen. And everyone knows that eating routine is main which make away from any disease and health issues. But as people are having bad eating routines which creates health issues like obesity. People should aware what they are eating on regular basis. They should eat green vegetables and fruits to make them healthy.

Certain Medications

There are number of medicines which is the consequence of weight gain and obesity. Some medicines have adverse effects as well. So, obesity can be caused due to intake of medicines.


People are so vulnerable that they believe whatever they see and read. They do not use their mind once. Food industry sale the products by promoting misinformation about their products. Moreover, some videos and websites provide incorrect information about weight loss topics, health and nutrition. Especially, the weight loss tips are mainly the reason of obesity. People read and get information from anywhere and apply it without thinking of side effects. People do not think of prevention of obesity. They just search the short and easy way.

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