Gal wan Valley Face-off :The Way Ahead Response of India

Gal wan Valley Face-off

Gal wan Valley incident :Public response –

There are so much hue and cry among Indian masses about  the martyrdom of twenty  soldiers in gal wan valley . As  a Indian one can better understand that how Indian people are sensitive about their martyr . Now they are vehemently expressing  their resentment and anger  against the Chinese aggression .  So much so, that they are calling a campaign against the Chinese product in India . But , there is great apprehension about the pragmatism of these boycott . Further , Some section of society demanding a complete break up of trade with China to hurt the Chinese economic interests. Before this, we have seen united states was threatening the China and world to close its economy .

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Though , there  might be great debate on the characteristics of globalization , but one  can’t  deny that economics of  different nations in this globalized world , including production and distribution , are  as integrated as never before in the history of mankind .China is assumed as production hub or factory of world capital as like India is given the tittle of office or software capital of world market . For example , world uses the computer hardware that are’ made in china ‘ and software which are  designed in India .

Now a days ,  India  and Chinese economies are  integrated and interdependent too. Both of them do not fall apart from the world or process of globalization . Here are the some  glimpses about this, like 30% of automobile parts  ,  90% of toys , 50 % of bicycle parts are produced by  china that India uses . Even 70 % of raw materials that are used for making drugs , in which several are life saving , are provided by china to the India drug industry. Four of five best selling phone related to china  , Now a days china grab 60 % of cell phone market in India . Oyo , Paytm , Zomoto , are the household names in today’s India , and china have invested huge amount of money in these startups .

India , desperately need huge investment and china invested more than 4 billion dollar within the last five years. Because Chinese products are cost effective and not bad in the performance ,so these products are so popular in lower middle and low income group masses . Any abrupt containment’s and restrictions on these products will  hit or hurt the Indian low income masses.

In the field of trade , India imports 14% of total import from china but another side India share of Chinese export is not more than 5% . The share of Indian exports to china is 5% which constitute mere 1 % share of china’s total imports . In conclusion , the share of China to India in trade is far greater than India to china . One should not forget that 70% of raw material for drugs come from china . In this current trade scenario , India can’t think of total break down of trade with china because only self destructive approach hurts oneself more for hurting adversary or enemy.

What are the options do Indian government have to face this current face off with china .After the killing 20 army personnel , Indian people want tough response from Indian government . There is great pressure from the people to do something . One know that generally international diplomacy  and strategy do not follow only people will. Any nation has to response in given national –international  situation .Putting all this in mind the government of India ( GOI) will response. China is a tough adversary which has world power status . So Indian response should be very cautious  and precise as well, long term and short term .


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Like government of India (GOI) is  mentioning the increase in import duty on 300 non essential products . This increase will definitely hurt , may be little , the Chinese economic interest.

Secondly , because of historical reason and now for Covid-19 pandemic , China is isolated from the western powers in particular and from world in general .  Popular approach of world is negative  against the china in present . Its relation with other neighboring countries is deteriorating like Hongkong , Taiwan , Australia , etc. India has great opportunity to exploit this isolated situation of china to further pressurize the Chinese ruling class by using the diplomacy.

Thirdly , because China is emerging world power, the past status quo of uni-polar world is changing .For west , India can project itself as only country in the east which has courage and ability to contain china.


Indian economical structure is not so normal . Indian primary sector now contributes only 17.32% of GDP but secondary ( industrial sector) contributes only 29.02% of total GDP . Though service sector accounts for more than 53% of total GDP . India , is very much lag behind from china in term of industrial production. India need a plan for long term to develop its industrial productions’ infrastructure . The dispute with china has given a golden opportunity . There is always a golden opportunity in the crisis , India need not to loose it .

आप इसे पढ़ना भी पसंद कर सकते हैं:-हैकर – 15 साल का हैकर जिसने नासा को भी किया चकित ?


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