George Floyd Is only Symbol, These Protests Say So Many Other Things –

George Floyd (2)

George Floyd – These Protests Say So Many Other Things –

The oldest democracy , the champion of civil rights , freedom and liberty , united states now facing the worst social unrest since 1960s  when Martin Luther king led the non violent civil rights and voting right movement for black Americans . Now the curfew was imposed in more than forty leading cities of America .

Current protests are not so non violent . There are  incidents of , though little after seeing the  scale of protests , violence and looting of multi stores , mall and attacks on government offices .

Black or African –American constitute 14 % of total population of america . And so, they make the the most popular minority group of america . Ancestors of these black people had been brought from Africa throughout eighteenth century and prior as slaves .These slave were  mainly brought for the work in farmlands , mines and dockyards. After the great civil war of mid of nineteenth century the slavery abolished, but the deep rooted discrimination remains not only in society but also at state level too. Even , after the Abolish ion of slavery blacks did not have civil rights .

With the beginning of 20th century a new problem emerge for the black population of america and this was ‘ lynching ‘ when white mob used to kill the black by beating and thrashing them .

Throughout 20th century , blacks struggle far their equal civil rights and right to vote . Very few people know that blacks of u.s  got total voting right in 60s of the 20th century .But they have to face the social discrimination , humiliation by state machinery , and mockery by common white supremacist. Black are one of the most deprived community in united states .As much old their deprivation  was as old their struggle for liberation and equal rights has been.

Even in 21st century , in America the deprivation and discrimination against these blacks remain prevailing . A white police personal put his knee on the neck of Mr George Floyd for nine minutes . Floyd was requesting that ha has done nothing wrong and police personal should lift his knee from Floyd neck.This is the time when Floyd said “  I can’t breath  please leave me “. Now that ‘ I can’t breath ‘become the war cry of protesters throughout the country.

The striking difference in these protests is the vast participation of white american  .Although , black protesters are leading these protests .Liberals left leaning people , students and democrats all are participating in these protests . Supporters of president Trump are accusing the opposition  Democrats for inflaming these protests as election is approaching .Other side the opponents of trump saying that the mishandling the corona pandemic , and growing unemployment and partisan and white supremacist approach of Donald Trump etc  are the responsible for this current uprising.

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