Globalization Impacting Cultural Diversity In India


Cultural Diversity In India –

Diversity has been elementary characteristic of India society . We as an Indian celebrate it. Because such a diverse population living together as one nation and under one flag, Indians have so many things to give the politically and regionally divided people . The idea of ‘unity in diversity ‘ has always been the crux of developing traditional Indian intelligentsia and philosophical ethos . Indian civilization has generally been inclusive to different culture , value system and religions .

Besides the suffering of gravest colonial exploitation for two hundred years , Before that, facing so many of aggression and currently being a third world country with 60-70 % of poor population , India practices democracy . Being the largest democracy as well consistently maintaining the political democratic institutions and set ups, India placed a distinctive position in third world countries . Despite of being so huge and populas, country with colonial past is surviving under the democratic system is seen as miracle by western intellectual and historian.

Tolerance And Fraternity-

The western intellectuals miss one vital point, that is the role of diversity and tolerance . Diversity persuaded Indian masses to be tolerant to different people ,to diverse thought process, unknown socio –cultural practices and to respect other faith and value system .In such a diverse region people can’t survive without the attribute of tolerance and fraternity . Thus, it can be assumed that our diversity at one point is backbone to our democracy, and fraternity and tolerance are elementary of our unity as a nation.

A particular and distinct culture plays both type of role . People practicing same culture , feel some kind of fraternity and cohesiveness but at the same time they recognize the difference and distinctiveness with the people that belong to different culture .Language , Fooding , attire  , literature , music and festivals are the core of any culture and cultured diversity . In the era of globalization we are witnessing the impact of globalization process on the core of our cultural diversity .

Globalization (2)

Globalization Impacting Lingual Diversity And ….

For example , if we take the lingual diversity of Indian society . Indian Society has always been rich for its variant and diverse vernacular and dialects . Even in same language like Hindi , there  are several dialects that enrich the hindi at one points and by doing so (enrichment of Hindi ) it relate to sanskritize hindi to the aspiration of general masses by transforming it (Hindi) . But in this globalized India the process of democratization of our Hindi language have been interrupted, by enforcing English language that is alien to it .Now Indians at one side being alienated to local dialect and vernacular and another side tries to learn and relate themselves to the unfamiliar English .

..Different Cultural Asfects-

Diversity is a natural phenomenon .Society as a part of nature tend to like diversity . Like uncontrolled exploitation of  forest endanger biodiversity blind following of English language because of globalization endanger our vernacular diversity.

One of the unique feature of globalization is its globalized production and distribution . This globalized production and distribution  tend to make a globalized market . In their tern such market require uniformity in global demands . Without meticulously molding and some time districting the diversity related to regional –local and native culture of native people , such type of uniform global market can never be created . One should not forget that in the era of mass production uniformity is needed for maximum profit.

Globalization (3)

Being part of the process of globalization , Diverse society like India is facing this challenge too ,  that is related too market forces . Global fooding giant promoting fast foods like burger and pizza are related to this process . Indian cousin has always been very diverse and rich . Without replacing native cousins global market never be created  . Eventually we see buying Pizza , burger, coke-Pepsi seems to be cool and modern, ‘ Nothing happens without reason’

Globalization (4)Just like language and cousins attire and music too have global trend and global consumers. To attract youth , global trends’ in attire and music are consciously associated with the liberation , Progress development, change , fresh and innovative , radical etc. Without impoverishing local product, attire and music the present globalization could not be culminated.

आप इसे पढ़ना भी पसंद कर सकते है:-एक ऐसा अविष्कारक जिसने माँ की सुनने के असमर्थता के लिए पुरे समाज के लिए ध्वनि यंत्र बना डाला –


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