Harappa: That Made The Story Of Indian Civilization 2000 Years Older


Harappa: That  Made The Story Of Indian Civilization-

Human Civilization , where it is now,have contained thousands years of human civilizational history (harappa). What a irony is this ? that humans as much progress towards future as able to know better about their past . Consider the ancient humans even literate , had not have much understanding about the historical development of human civilization .

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In current world any well educated person not only understand the process of civilizational development but also knows the ancient past of human society . Modern disciplines of knowledge gives human such a inner-sight  that his\her analysis of nature , society and history acquire broader and deeper understanding .

It looks like astonishing but before 100 years , no one had any idea about the Harappan ( Sindhu) civilization. Historians of that period used to think that primate ancient urban cent res emerged somewhere in sixth century B.C. Discovery of Sindhu civilization brought the time spam back more than 2000 years . Mature Harappan civilization evolved about 2600 B.C.  This civilization of Indian subcontinent was contemporary of Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilization .

Harappa (3)All these three civilization of more than 3500 years ago are considered the most ancient urban civilization in human history.After the fall of Harappan cities into ruin some where in the second millennial of B C ( Some three thousand five hundred year ago ) , people living in same area gradually forget all about this civilization.

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 Urban Civilization in India was more Incident then Imagine-

They were such unaware of this civilization after 500 or a millennia later, that they had not any understanding about the artifacts emerging from the mounds nearby their location . Through out the nineteenth century colonial Historians assumed that the era of primary urban civilization in India belongs to 2,500 years ago .( 600 B.C) .

This assumption is so prevailing in the hearts and minds of colonial historians that an Englishman provided the Harappan seal to the first Director general of Archaeological Survey of India , Mr  Cunningham , before the mid of nineteenth century ( about 1830s) , But Cunningham unsuccessfully tried to explain it according to the era of post vedic period . because of this misunderstanding world had to wait 100 years again to recognize the Sindhu-Civilization.

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Although the script of Harappan Civilization could not be read but still Archaeologist succeed to construct this civilization more or less . As nothing is par or segregated from politics, be it science or history . The process of discovering a great ancient civilization in second decade onward of 20th century had an impact of Indian freedom struggle . Nationalist started saying that when Europe was at stone age Indians had developed a great urban civilization four or five thousand year ago .

आप इसे पढ़ना भी पसंद कर सकते हैं:-घोड़े आखिर खड़े क्यों सोते है ?


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