Best 5 Ideas to celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day - ALLGYAN

When we celebrate Independence Day

We Indian celebrate Independence Day on 15th August each year. As we all know that India got independence from British rule on 15 August 1947. On the same day i.e. 15 August 1947, we celebrated the first Independence Day in India. We should be proud to say that this year we as Indian citizen will be going to celebrate 72nd Independence Day.

How we celebrate Independence Day

Every Indian citizen gives respect to those freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to attain independence of India. This is the day which has been celebrated by every citizen. Generally, people celebrate Independence Day by hoisting the flag and by listening patriotic songs. However, some people celebrate Independence Day by flying kite in the sky. You can notice numerous kites of different colors in the sky on this day. Some people unite and celebrate the event and enjoy the unity as well as freedom.

Ideas to celebrate Independence Day

People who are looking for celebrating the Independence Day, there are few great ideas which they can use and enjoy their Independence Day.

Kite Competition

People in the same locality can compete with each other and spend their day by enjoying the kite competition. They can also arrange some awards in this competition so that more people will join and more fun they will get. This will be going to be a good idea as it will make them unite and they can enjoy and celebrate their Independence Day and remember these moments in their life.

Flag competition

This can be a great idea as children can enjoy and learn the unity. Flag competition certainly brings them together when they share their creativity with each other. As these days, children become techno-savvy that makes them too busy. This is the reason, they do not like to spend time with their friends and neighbors but this flag competition will help them to spend time with each other and enjoy the day together.


I think other than sports; nothing will create fun in the group. So the game is the best way to make their day best. Each age group of people likes to play sports.  Why wait? You should arrange different types of sports for different types of people like cricket for boys, badminton for girls, indoor games like ludo, and chess for old citizens to enjoy the day. According to people’s choice, you can arrange the games and enjoy your day with more fun. People can organize song, the dance competition for more enjoyment on Independence Day

Fashion competition

I do not think so that for making excitement in children, there is any better way other than fashion competition. They can enjoy Independence Day fully by participating in the fashion competition. Youth will get excited when they will find this competition on this day as every child like to dress differently. More and more youth will be going to participate in the ramp walk and fashion competition because they have an interest in fashion in this age which create the enjoyable moment on the Independence Day.

Social welfare Activities

This would be the best idea among other ideas because this will help people to understand so many things. And to select social welfare activities on Independence Day is the best way to celebrate the day. We as Indian Citizen can arrange so many activities like gardening, blood donation camp etc. Organizing a blood donation camp is the best idea to help people and make the day best. You can also plant trees in order to children will realize the importance of greenery. Children will also learn how to plant trees. You can also arrange seminars and discuss different topics on social activities and improvement of the environment.



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