Pakistan identity crisis-


Pakistan  identity crisis-

Amides the tense relationship between India and Pakistan after the changing of the status of j &k another deep question emerged about the Pakistan as a notion here we will consider the establishment of Pakistan as a representative of Pakistan particular . the correct situation of Kashmir and the identity crisis of Pakistan as a nation .

At the first , from the Kashmir “ separatist movement” , there are two streams .though , both stream have been related to appreciated by Pakistani establishment but their goal have always been different to each other .the vast and prominent stream of separation movement neither went to stay with India nor it wants to merge with Pakistan .this type of separatist leader want freedom and are campaigning for free Kashmir .the appeal of free Kashmir among separatist movement has for greater attraction and impact on. The separatist who want Kashmir to join the Pakistan have  not a such mass base and neither it is considered as credible one.

Establishment of Pakistan is well aware of these two stream of the separatist movement of Kashmir . but at at first their priority is to break India some how . beside the using of slogan ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan ‘ they understand very well that major chunk of Kashmir separatist movements aspiration is for free Kashmir not to merge with Pakistan .so why Pakistan want at least Kashmir to be broke off from India whether it joins Pakistan or not ? there are three main reasons .

pakistan identity

The first reason is the justification of its own existence . Pakistan is based on two nation theory . that’s peculiar understanding is Hinduism and Islam is not mere religion but nation .if Pakistan succeeded break away of Kashmir if will assume it as reinforcement of two nation theory that is apparently found redundant after the freedom of Bangladesh 1971.

The second one is to take revenge of the debacle of Bangladesh from the Pakistanis perspective. The third regions the strategic location of j &k.

The first reason which is related to very existence of Pakistan is the most crucial one. Pakistan had been created on the name of Islam , or a state for the Muslim of Indian subcontinent . from the birth of Pakistan its crisis  for identity or search for identity emerge as a challenge for its stakeholders. There are aspirations of nationalities competing with each other as well like sindhi , Bengali ,  Panjabi,Bloch etc and the Islam was the only tool before the founder of Pakistan to contain the discontent and resentment of these nationalities .


All these different and competing nationalities have been found by the identity of Islam in Pakistan . here the second problem emerges . the problem related to the type of Islam which has to followed by Pakistan as a state .for example there are Shies , and Sunnis and among Sunnis there are so many school of thoughts like devbandi , bareilvi, wahabis , etc.

The second aspect of this problem which Pakistan is facing after the independence is related to the world view of Pakistan as a state . it sees the Muslim majority state as one entity against Hindu majority India. This world view forced Pakistan to look towards the Arab world and united state of America in the era of cold war against the Hindu India and communists from this onward Pakistan started the import of Saudis wahabi Islam to differentiate itself from Hindu India , which is more similar culturally to Pakistan . the cultural root of wahabi Islam is related to the gulf world and so it has been alien to Indian subcontinent .this process got its extreme of rising of genral . Zia –UL –HAQ when the element of culture related to this land were maligned for being Hindu and alien Arab tradition ( Arab) were brought in.

In present this bone of contention of between Islamic ideology and cultural background pulling Pakistan in two different directions. This situation make common people  and ruler both confused in same manner . this is very interesting to see Pakistani people enjoying boll wood movies . following north Indian traditions used language ( emerge in India ) and even some aspiration and dream of individual level as an north Indian have , and  at some time dashing Hindu India and praising wahabies or gulf .this identity crisis and conflict in personality of Pakistan people is very identical . artificially relating itself to Arab world and neglecting culture of own motherland put Pakistani people in a humiliating condition.aligning to alien and alienating from own identity make Pakistani nowhere to go .

आप इसे पढ़ना भी पसंद कर सकते हैं:आरसीईपी( RCEP ) आखिर है क्या ? भारत क्यों हटा इस समझौतों से है –



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