Patriarchy and urban Indian middle class working women –


Patriarchy and urban Indian middle class working women –

Whenever the example of liberated and empowered women are portrait the image of middle class working lady come to our mind . Self dependent , bold and taking her own decisions are considered as their way of life . One can assume that , these women live what life they want, wear what they want to wear or comfortable with , can choose their life partner and because of all these freedom what else remain to be a freed or liberated  women. Though these assumptions are not entirely on the basis of reality but to some extant, it provide a glimpse of relatively empowered middle class working women . It is relative , because they are more empowered than their sisters or mother of one generation back but they are not liberated as patriarchy have still imposed on these working ladies .

Patriarchy is nothing but rule and regulations, moralities, duties and liabilities imposing on women only, but not on men. But as byproduct ,it has some rule and regulations for men too.But for men, patriarchy demands to be a ruler , patriarch or leader and another side it demands to women to be subordinate, meak and follower . One remarkable thing is that like any ideological system patriarchy is gender neutral that means generally women too embrace this system and patriarchal ideology .

For Indian middle class  working women patriarchy works at different layers and levels . From forging  to fulfill  the dual responsibilities to facilitating the market to sell their products to female consumers.


Patriarchal ideology is based on gender discrimination and assume that male gender is bound to work outside the home and earn money to feed the family and because of this the rights and responsibility of outside world are associate to the male gender . For domestic world India enjoys most of the rights but responsibility lay on female .

Now in changed scenario middle class working ladies had to bear the responsibilities of earning  money as well had to have bear the domestic liabilities . Even taking care of children is fully relay on the  women too. These patriarchy apart its responsibilities with working lady but never give up any time right to women from domestic as well as outer world.

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Even the earning by  women are considered to fulfill the next of needs of family and children . Their domestic labour is used by whole family without providing her even any gratitude . So of one part the  earning of women culminated in their empowerment and another side  it culminated into the dual responsibilities  .


Patriarchy has very structured and rigid understanding of worthy men and women .For example worthy men are supposed to dominating , bold and courageous and another side the worthy women most be beautiful, positive , soft spoken etc. Beauty for women is considered as greatest assets in patriarchal system .

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Cosmetic industry exploit this approach and understanding of society . Earning women have purchasing power so cosmetic industry precisely targets to these working ladies to sell their market products .Fashion industry firstly construct the myth of ideal figure for women and then provide the product to the women to achieve such type of body .

Even some time the forces market relate the exposure to the emancipation of women. Market make or put forward a temptation of liberation before working women with the help of  patriarchy . It does not mean that market always render patriarchy , some time it confront the patriarchal norms ( for example drawing the women towards the job market ) but some time it alliance with patriarchy .

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