Zomato’s Period Leave for its Women Employees And it’s Repercussions

Zomato’s Period Leave

Zomato’s  Period Leave for its Women Employees –

After  Zomato announcing that the organization is going to provide the ‘ Period leave ‘ of ten days to all its female employees in every year , an intense debate surfaced in main stream media and social media . Some , like prominent media  celebrities opposing this move by saying that such type of move is ‘ gendering ‘ the female work force in any organization .Their crux of concern is that it is a specific type of gender discrimination by using blanketed concern for women employees . According to them (Barkha dutta and like minded), patriarchy uses such type of physical differences between men and women to justify the women subordination before male gender. So conscious and independent women must be prudent and should never be tempted by such a move . if female workforce required such a special treatment then how could women claim equality status against male gender .

Zomato’s Period Leave

‘ Periods’ has been taboo in Indian society . Recent study shows that even now more than 70 % of girl child do not aware of periodic cycle prior it starts . This peculiar situation is more prevailing in northern part of country.Thanks to women organizations, feminists and women movement , being forefront for breaking this taboo .So much so that P.M Modi mentioned the sanitary Pad from Red fort while addressing the nation this year in the speech of independence day . Now the feminist movement is as vigorously assertive as never before . They are now successful to sensitize the society as a whole on women centric issues. After observing all this, any one can accept the spectacular success of women movement in india.

Now women related issues are centre stage in our public discourse . But for this, all the credits do not go women organizations or civil society only. Market (including labor market) has played its own prominent and effective role with the help of country’s ruling elite. Market adhere the path of profit .For maximizing its profit, market requires low cost labor or cheap labor . Women workforce is considered as low cost labor because of patriarchy and some historical reasons. Secondly, market uses the body of female to sell its product not only to women but men too. To achieve this ( Maximum  profit) , market tries to inculcate the logic of women liberation to the extent of the exposure of female body . So the agenda of women empowerment have multiple dimension and understanding but on can’t deny the fact that because of all this the issues related to women get abundant prominence in present India . Current ‘ Period Leave’ issue must be seen in this context.

Zomato’s Period Leave (3)

In capitalist mode of mass production there is a uniformity in production procedure as well as in end product too. To work in such organization, work force has to obtain some kind of uniformity . Any disruption in this uniformity causes great concern for the corporation . So it demands or require from its women workforce , the same mechanical uniformity and so indirectly or directly capital do not see any expediency in any type of individuality .

Zomato’s Period Leave (4)

Ten days leave for women working in Zomato should be seen that corporate –organization modifying itself according to workforce not vice-versa . It is quite possible that Zomato’s move for women period leave , might not have anything to do with the welfare of working women for its organization . Also it is even possible that this move of Zomato is not more than symbolic . But all is not in your hand forever . Pandora box is now open and women organizations and workers organization have new field to proceed their demand of period leave for all women employees in all organizations.

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