Digital Marketing is an online platform for promoting products and services. Digital Marketing includes techniques as mentioned below:

  • Gmail Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing/Content Marketing

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Lead Generation

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    1. Facebook

    2. Twitter

    3. Instagram

    4. LinkedIn

    5. Pinterest

    6. Google Plus

    7. Reddit

    8. Many More

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    1. Off Page SEO ( Backlinks )

    2. On Page SEO

    3. Local SEO

  • Youtube Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Google Adwords

    1. SEM

    2. PPC

    3. CPC

    4. ADWORDS

  • Websites

    1. Landing page

    2. Websites – WordPress or Coding

    3. Ecommerce Websites

  • Online Media Buying

  • Online Money Making

  • Google AdSense Blogging

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Analytics (Google Analytics Software)

  • Online Reputation Management

    1. Brand Reputation Management

    2. Corporate Reputation Management

    3. Hotel Reputation Management

  • Amazon Marketplace

  • Blogging

There are many services like PPC Management Services , SMO Services , SEO Services etc that is provided by many digital marketing agency, digital merketeer, freelancer etc.

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The main motive of digital marketing is to generate brand awareness, establishing new product and generate revenue from it.

Digital Marketing is easy and readymade platform through which, can reach global & targeted audience.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India
  1. Accessible:

    As internet connection is available from villages to town, we can reach global target audience and all we can purchase ,sell and book services and this service is one call away

  2. Easy and Quick :

    We do not need any technical or practical knowledge. All we need to know some functions to operate mobile phones or desktops and we can perform all task within few minutes

  3. Job /source of income/ Employment:

    It also promotes job opportunities. We can work as full time job, freelancer or we can provide agencies services to client to provides these services online

  4. Small Investments:

    We don’t require money as much as we require for traditional marketing such as print media, television or radio and we can easily measure performance that we can reach to right audience at right time.

  5. International business:

    We can buy product or use international service or purchase product at international market at low cost investment

  6. Trending:

    This technology is trending and its scope will forever but the bottom point is that we have updated them to be in trends.

  7. Affecting Lifestyles:

    It affects lifestyles ,thinking and living patterns. We purchase and use services at international market

  8. International Scope:

    We can get employed or work for international market. For illustration, we can sell e-book at international market or sell product at Amazon or other marketplace platforms

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