Why jammu & Kashmir and ladakh is so important ?


Why jammu & Kashmir and ladakh is so important ?

After independence of India , Pakistan and china from 1950 onward Jammu &kashmir  is the region where these three nation have been contesting for the supremacy whether china never claimed whole state of Jammu & Kashmir but it assumed aksai-chin and ladakh of Jammu &Kashmir as its own region .being Muslim majority region , Pakistan think that occupying Kashmir would be fulfilment of the an completed work of partition on the basis of Hindu & Muslim majority regions of colonial India.
Apart from this historical aspect of jammu &Kashmir dispute , geographical and strategic situation of j &k gives its prominence for all these three nations .

Jammu &Kashmir ( now j &k and ladakh ) is not only a border state but also it is a meeting point of three nuclear weapon state . in ladakh region India share the border with china and j & k region India share the border with Pakistan even Pakistan had given a piece of Kashmir situated Gilgit area to china in 1963. So , sharing the border with three nuclear capable state makes  j& k region as one of the most sensitive area in the world .

Secondly being mountainous region or highland . Kashmir including ladakh have their strategic value . in modern warfare , forces acquiring highlands have tactical strategic moral benefits against the adversary .in the war like situation adversary holding lower ground required much more manpower, ammunition and technological advancement to out class the enemy .India felled it in a very outward situation when Pakistan army intruded in dras and kargil sector of j &k in 1999.  India had to deploy I soldiers against the one Pakistan army personal and had to use before guns and fighter jets.

Thirdly when pm modi had said that “ if Pakistan do not stop terror activities in India , we will be forced to chech the water stream of the rivers which irrigate Pakistan” what does it means most of the rivers those irrigate Pakistan mainland Punjab and sindh emerged from the mountains or gelecries of Indian Kashmir . by making dam and other water management programme India can direct or check the river stream and by doing so go1 can have ability to make artificial water scarcity for Pakistan.

Natural prosperity of Kashmir have potential for world tourist hub .this potential of revenue generation too add up an other aspect of the importance of Kashmir valley and ladakh .

We all know that all nation state follow their path of national interest and so India too do. In international and nothing is considered as ethical or unethical but national interest.

आप इसे पढ़ना भी पसंद कर सकते हैं:आये जाने बकरीद क्यों मनाई जाती है ?


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